Door Sit Up Bar


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Phoenix Fitness Door Sit-Up Bar – Doorway Portable Sports Crunch Bar for Abdominal Exercises – Sit Up Bar with Adjustable Height Levels and Padded Ankle Bar – Home Workout Exercise Bar Device

  • SLIDES UNDER DOOR – The Phoenix Fitness Sit-up bar slides easily under the door and tightens on with a clamp to fit any size doors for your home workouts.
  • 3 ADJUSTABLE HEIGHTS – The ankle rests can be adjusted to suit the height you require for the perfect sit-up and crunch positions and technique.
  • PADDED FOOT AND ANKLE RESTS – The Phoenix Fitness Sit Up Bar has Neoprene-Padded footrests for extra comfort and support on your ankles.
  • FOAM PADS FOR DOOR – No details forgotten, The Phoenix Fitness Door Sit-Up bar has a padded clamp on the sit up bar so they will not damage your doors.
  • QUICK RELEASE – Excellent design with a quick release oversized screw on the clamp. Easy to fit on any door and easy to remove and store away.
Door Sit Up Bar
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