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Voted Favourite Gym Stratford upon Avon and Business of the Year Winners!

Xtreme Gyms Stratford upon Avon is a full sized, private, exclusive and 24 hour gym. Xtreme Gyms is the only independent, family run, 24/7 gym in Stratford upon Avon.  Everyone is welcome!

If you value, and are passionate about your health and fitness, and looking for a 24 hour gym in Stratford upon Avon that is Stratford’s only award-winning gym, then we are the gym for you!

Unlike other commercial 24 hour gyms in Stratford upon Avon our objective is not to have as many members as possible. Rather, to maintain our exceptional quality of training by being a private and exclusive gym. That is why our gym membership is always limited to 350 members

Gyms Stratford upon Avon

What to Expect at Xtreme Gyms in Stratford Upon Avon

Outstanding equipment – We have the biggest variety of equipment in Stratford upon Avon. We have our very own cardio room, weight lifting area, power lifting area, and functional area. In addition, we have the heaviest weights in Stratford and equipment that can only be found here such as ropes, tyres and various plate and pin loaded equipment! 

Open 24 hours a day – Our members get 24 hour gym access to their gym anytime all year round!

Private and exclusive – We promise our members that the gym and quality of training will never be compromised by being too busy. Because the gym is not open to the public. And because we only have 350 available memberships this results in all our members being able to enjoy quality training within our special facility!

An amazing community – Our community is like no other gym as it is so welcoming and supportive. Due to only attracting clients who are passionate about their health and training, the environment and atmosphere is second to none.

Everyone is welcome – If you are passionate about starting a health and fitness journey or taking your training to the next level. Our friendly, family owned gym attracts men and women with all different abilities!

An independent family run gym –  We pride ourselves on not being a commercial gym. Therefore,  you will never feel like another number or statistic. Due to our success in client satisfaction the gym has won numerous awards over the years even against the big chain gyms!

Personal trainers – All our trainers hold the highest qualifications and have huge experience in training clients not only in Stratford, but all around the world.  Find it more about our personal training sessions or book a consultation.

The ultimate bootcamp –  Xtreme Gyms is home to our infamous bootcamp which is one of the longest running classes in Stratford upon Avon. Our workouts and training style at bootcamp are not replicated anywhere else in Stratford!

Outstanding gym etiquette –  You won’t see dirty machines or weights left out here. Subsequently, our member’s etiquette alone is the reason some people join right away

An award-winning gym – Since opening in 2015 we have won numerous official awards. Our most prestigious being Pride of Stratford Business of the Year Winners

Seminars – We regularly put on free seminars about exercise and nutrition to educate our members so that they can make successful progress with their training 

The Xtreme shop – We sell pre- and post- workout shakes, fitness equipment, clothing and nutrition to aid your fitness journey 

Gyms Stratford upon Avon
Gyms Stratford upon Avon

Xtreme Gym Stratford upon Avon Equipment

Resistance equipment

Free Weights (1.125kg-70kg), Pin Loaded Row, Pin Loaded Lat Pull Down, Pin Loaded Bicep Machine, Pin Loaded Tricep Machine, Pin Loaded Shoulder Press, Pin Loaded Pec Dec, Pin Loaded Rear Delt Machine, Pin Loaded Chest Press, Pin Loaded Leg Extension, Pin Loaded Leg Curl, Calf Raises, Pin Loaded Glute Kick Back, Pin Loaded Leg Press, Pin Loaded Back Extension, Pin Loaded Adductor/Abductor, Pin Loaded Ab Curl, Plate Loaded Shoulder Press, Plate Loaded Lat Pull Down, Plate Loaded Row, Plate Loaded T Bar Row, Plate Loaded Low Row, Plate Loaded Leg Press, Plate Loaded Hack Squat, Plate Loaded Hip Thrust

5 Benches, Power Rack, Olympic Lifting Weights and Bars, Multi Cable Machines, Preacher Bench, Flat Bench, Decline Bench, Incline Bench, Power Station, 5 Squat Racks

Cardiovascular and functional equipment

Treadmills, Cross trainers, Row Machines, Assault Bike, Watt Bikes, Reclining Bike, Bike, Stair Master, Ski Erg, Fully Functional Jordan Rig, Monkey Bars, Battle Ropes, Climbing Ropes, kettlebells, Powerbags, Slam Balls, Sled, Tyres, Hammers, Dip bar, Pull Up Bar, Landmine Bar, Logs, Stretchers, Pyrometric Boxes

Request Free Trial or to Join

When we have availability on 24 hour gym memberships we offer free trials and accept requests to join. All free trials must be over 18 and live within a 7-mile radius of the gym

Current Availability – Open to new members


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