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Voted Favourite Gym in Stratford upon Avon and Business of the Year Winners!

We’re not just any gym—we’re Xtreme Gyms, a full-sized, private, exclusive, and 24-hour fitness destination. In the heart of town, we stand proudly as the only independent, family-run 24 hour gym in Stratford upon Avon. All are welcome!

If you’re all about valuing your health and fitness, seeking a 24-hour gym that’s not just any, but Stratford’s exclusive award-winning gym, then look no further—we’re the perfect fit!

Unlike other 24 hour gyms Stratford upon Avon has to offer, we’re not chasing numbers. Our mission isn’t about amassing countless members; it’s about preserving the exceptional quality of our training. We keep it intimate and exceptional by remaining a private and exclusive gym. That’s why our membership stays capped at 350 individuals—quality over quantity, always.

Our Stratford upon Avon Gym


An independent family run gym -  We pride ourselves on not being a commercial gym. Therefore, as a member you will never feel like another number or statistic. Due to our success in client satisfaction the gym has won numerous awards over the years even against the big chain gyms!

Personal Training

Personal trainers - All our trainers hold the highest qualifications and have huge experience in training clients not only in Stratford, but all around the world. Our approach is natural and we do not follow any fads on our programs  Find it more about our personal training sessions or book a consultation.

Boot Camp

The ultimate bootcamp -  Xtreme Gyms is home to our infamous bootcamp which is one of the longest running classes in Stratford upon Avon. Our workouts and training style at bootcamp are not replicated anywhere else in Stratford! You get exclusive access to our activity and adventures, like kayaking, hiking and climbing etc


We are proud to provide our members with complimentary courses designed to elevate their training and enrich their knowledge, ensuring unparalleled effectiveness in every aspect. Whether you're delving into weightlifting, cardio, or exploring nutrition sustainably, we offer a comprehensive set of tools to take your skills to new heights!

Xtreme Gym Stratford upon Avon Equipment

Resistance equipment

Free Weights (1.125kg-70kg), Pin Loaded Row, Pin Loaded Lat Pull Down, Pin Loaded Bicep Machine, Pin Loaded Tricep Machine, Pin Loaded Shoulder Press, Pin Loaded Pec Dec, Pin Loaded Rear Delt Machine, Pin Loaded Chest Press, Pin Loaded Leg Extension, Pin Loaded Leg Curl, Calf Raises, Pin Loaded Glute Kick Back, Pin Loaded Leg Press, Pin Loaded Back Extension, Pin Loaded Adductor/Abductor, Pin Loaded Ab Curl, Plate Loaded Shoulder Press, Plate Loaded Lat Pull Down, Plate Loaded Row, Plate Loaded T Bar Row, Plate Loaded Low Row, Plate Loaded Leg Press, Plate Loaded Hack Squat, Plate Loaded Hip Thrust

5 Benches, Power Rack, Olympic Lifting Weights and Bars, Multi Cable Machines, Preacher Bench, Flat Bench, Decline Bench, Incline Bench, Power Station, 5 Squat Racks

Cardiovascular and functional equipment

Treadmills, Cross trainers, Row Machines, Assault Bike, Watt Bikes, Reclining Bike, Bike, Stair Master, Ski Erg, Fully Functional Jordan Rig, Monkey Bars, Battle Ropes, Climbing Ropes, kettlebells, Powerbags, Slam Balls, Sled, Tyres, Hammers, Dip bar, Pull Up Bar, Landmine Bar, Logs, Stretchers, Pyrometric Boxes

When we have availability on 24 hour gym memberships we offer free trials and accept requests to join. All free trials must be over 18 and live within a 7-mile radius of the gym

Current Availability – Open to new members

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