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Xtreme Gyms in Stratford upon Avon is a full sized gym. First of all, we are now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, therefore you can train at a time that suits you and your lifestyle. 

If you are looking for a gym in Stratford upon Avon. We are the gym for you!

Our gym hosts state of the art equipment including a dedicated cardio room, weight machines and a free weight area. You will also find the Xtreme rig and climbing ropes at Xtreme Gyms in Stratford upon Avon consequently making this the best gym in the area for functional training.

Suitable whether you are a seasoned weight trainer or just starting out. Xtreme Gyms has a mix of pin loaded and plate loaded machines plus free weights up to 70kg, as a result, you are guaranteed the heaviest weights in the area. Our gym caters for everyone’s needs and we welcome competitors as well as newcomers to weight training. In addition, there are a series of workout plans available free of charge to suit your individual goals and most importantly, we are happy to advise you at any time., therefore please just ask! 

But it is not just about the weight training. Many clients use the gym for cardio and for our classes, seminars and programmes which have been insanely popular and effective. We have a series of workouts specific for clients wanting to lose weights or build their fitness. Please just ask at reception for assistance.

Our rig area includes a full size rig plus ropes, boxing bags and a track for tyre and sledge runs, as a result we have the most equipped dedicated functional training area in Stratford upon Avon.

Xtreme Classes and Group Exercise

If a gym is not for you and your prefer group exercise, at Xtreme Gyms Stratford upon Avon there are a range of specialist classes and courses including Boxing, HIIT, Conditioning and more. Please see here for the full range of courses and classes available and if you cannot see what you want, pop in and we can advise you personally on what is best for you.

So whatever you hope to achieve from a gym you can be sure it will be achieved at Xtreme Gyms in Stratford upon Avon and run by a family for families, you can be sure of a friendly welcome.

Xtreme Gyms are really serious about their training and only quality and effective equipment will do. As a result, with our unique and original equipment, your body will undergo workouts that it has never had before. Get ready to move those plates about!

Xtreme Gyms Stratford upon Avon- Our Equipment

Resistance Equipment

- Free Weights (1.125kg-70kg) - Pin Loaded Row - Pin Loaded Lat Pull Down - Pin Loaded Bicep Machine - Pin Loaded Tricep Machine - Pin Loaded Shoulder Press - Pin Loaded Pec Dec - Pin Loaded Rear Delt - Pin Loaded Chest Press - Pin Loaded Leg Extension - Pin Loaded Leg Curl - Pin Loaded Calf Raise - Pin Loaded Glute Machine - Pin Loaded Leg Press - Pin Loaded Back Extension - Pin Loaded Adductor - Pin Loaded Abductor - Pin Loaded Ab Curl - Plate Loaded Chest Press - Plate Loaded Shoulder Press - Plate Loaded Lat Pull Down - Plate Loaded Row - Plate Loaded T Bar Row - Plate Loaded Low Row - Plate Loaded Leg Press - Plate Loaded Hack Squat - Plate Loaded Glute Thrust - 5 Benches - Powerrack - Olympic Area with Olympic Weights - Cable Machines - Preacher Bench - Flat Bench - Incline Bench - Decline Bench - Ab Bench - Power Station - 5 Squat Racks


- Treadmills - Cross Trainers - Rowers - Bikes - Reclining Bike - Ski Erg - Assault Bike - Stair Master

Functional Area

- Fully Functional Jordan Rig - Monkey Bars - Battle Ropes - Climbing Ropes - Kettlebells - Powerbags - Slamballs - 4 Punch Bags - Sled Track - Sled - Tyres - Hammers - Dip Bar - Pull Up Bar - Landmine Bar - Logs - Stretchers - Pyrometric Boxes - Assault Bike - Ski Erg


Xtreme Gyms

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Stratford upon Avon

CV37 9NF



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