A great class suitable for all abilities where we are boxing for fitness. In this class you will explore HIIT, Tabata and endurance training

HIIT/ Tabata

A class that is focused on creating EPOC (the fat burning effect.) Be prepared for a really awarding workout


Focus on the conditioning and performance of your body. This class is perfect to build strength and endurance

Abs & Core

The perfect class to work on core strength and tightening your core and abs. This class will work the whole of your core

Kids Bootcamp

The class for our little Xtremers! For children aged 6-12. We introduce children to exercise to kids in a fun and safe environment

Ladies Weight Training

Perfect for ladies who want to start weight training but need the support and guidance to get them going


Traditional circuit training with an Xtreme twist. Using a huge variety of equipment and approaches there is no better why to spice a circuit up

Rig Workout

Get amongst our fully functional rig workout for a very unique workout to Xtreme. Ropes, climbing rowing, jumping and all the rest


The only bootcamp in town. Enjoy a traditional, hardworking, and military style training session outdoors!

Legs, Bums & Tums

This class focuses on shaping and building strength in your legs, bums and stomach. A combination of weight training and circuits

Nutrition Seminar

Learn what you personally need to be eating to achieve your goals. This seminar is led by Xtreme Founder James

... there is always more

We are regularly doing challenges, events and one off classes and seminars to keep our members achieving fantastic results

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