Eva Foam Roller for Deep Tissue Massage


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Phoenix Fitness EVA Foam Roller for Deep Tissue Massage Targeting Trigger Points | Muscle Roller for Therapy, Pain Relief for Your Gym Cool Down Post Workout | Sensory Processing Stimulation Autism

  • FULL BODY RELIEF – The Phoenix Fitness EVA Massage Roller is designed with a textured surface to target and isolate certain muscle groups to help reduce soreness and discomfort from your gym workout.
  • SPEEDS RECOVERY – After a heavy workout, our deep tissue massage roller will help speed your post workout recovery. Phoenix Fitness will help you ounce back and go again!
  • FOAM ROLLER EXERCISES – Excellent foam roller to exercise your hamstrings, glutes and lats. Great piece of gym kit for your back and core workouts.
  • SELF MASSAGE – Self-Myofascial Release is particularly effective at treating a connective tissue known as the fascia. The fascia connects muscles, nerves and organs throughout your body.
  • SENSORY STIMULATION – Excellent for adults and children with autism / sensory processing disorder. Brightly coloured and physically stimulating to touch, squeeze and roll across the floor / surface with your hands or body.
Eva Foam Roller for Deep Tissue Massage
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