Win a holiday with the Xtreme 8 challenge. This is the complete package to get you real lasting results and with the opportunity to win a holiday of a lifetime! The Xtreme 8 Week Challenge is perfect for anyone who is looking for real support and motivation to get into shape in 2020! This challenge is open to any Xtreme Member over 18 on our standard membership!

ONLY £69.99 (SOLD OUT) 

First 10 spaces £49.99 (SOLD OUT)

Next Xtreme 8 Week Challenge Starts April 2020

Personalised Recipe Book

You will receive a personalised recipe and cookbook to ensure that your nutrition is exactly what it needs to be so that you get amazing results. The food is amazing and easy to prepare!
Win a Holiday

2 Bespoke Gym Classes

There will be 2 weekly classes available to only the transformation members which will be designed to push you to reach your transformation led by our Xtreme Team!
Win a Holiday

Access to Xtreme Bootcamps

While you are doing your transformation you will have access to our infamous Xtreme Bootcamps to push you that little bit further!
Win a Holiday

Online Workout Plans

All your workouts in the gym have been planned for you with our online training programs. All workouts have video tutorials and program cards so that you know exactly what you are doing!
Win a Holiday

5 Personal Training Sessions

You will have your very own Xtreme Personal Trainer and Coach to guide you through your transformation. You will have 5 PT sessions included!
Win a Holiday

Private Support Groups

You will have access to private support groups through Facebook and WhatsApp 24/7 so that you receive continued support
Win a Holiday

How it works 

  1. You enrol onto the course by filling out the form below
  2. You will be sent a questionnaire to fill out so that we can create your personalised nutrition plan
  3. You will be invited to our induction on the 2nd of February where we will brief you on the process and give you your personalised nutrition books. You will also be required to do a photo to show the start of your journey. There will also be a fitness class to kick start the journey for you!
  4. You will undergo the 8 weeks with the support of our groups and trainers. You will also do your 5 PT sessions with your PT
  5. On the 27th March you will required to come in for you final picture. On the 28th the before and after pictures will be published for the public to vote on who had the best transformation. 
  6. 6th April the winner will be announced and will win a holiday!
  7. The prize is £700 of holiday vouchers and is non transferable.

Please note- The Xtreme 8 Week Challenge is open to Xtreme Members only and over 18s. If you would like to join Xtreme Gyms and take part in the challenge

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To enrol or ask any questions fill out the form below!

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