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Welcome to Xtreme Bootcamps – Stratford upon Avon’s Only Bootcamp

Welcome to Xtreme Bootcamps Stratford upon Avon. We are the original and Stratford upon Avon’s only bootcamp! If you are looking for an outstanding class, outrageous results, and a fantastic community then this bootcamp is a must for you! Xtreme have been delivering bootcamps in Stratford upon Avon since 2012, therefore you can rest assured training with us will be something special! 

Memberships start from £49.99 a month! All bootcamp sessions included!

Great Fun and Social

At Xtreme Bootcamps we encourage and create an amazing atmosphere that not only challenges you but will make exercise fun and engaging! Outside of bootcamp, clients meet regularly for events and to socialise! In addition, we keep in touch through our chat groups! The unique workouts put a lot of emphasis on team work and bonding.  Therefore, even though we have a huge variety of clients and fitness abilities, the group support and dynamics will always get the most out of your personally 

Huge Variety of Workouts

Join us and undertake a huge variety of workouts and exercises where every session is different! HIIT, Tabata, endurance, circuits, log runs, boxing, cargo nets, kettle bells, tyres, powerbags! As a result, there is no outdoor bootcamp in Stratford upon Avon like this! The objective at bootcamp is to create what we call “complete athletes”. Subsequently, clients are trained to be very fit but at the same time strong, athletic and functionally developed in all areas of fitness.  Consequently, this is one of the many reasons Xtreme Bootcamps is so successful.

Stratford upon Avon's only Bootcamp

Stratford upon Avon's Only Bootcamp - Train 4 Times A Week

Classes are 4 times a week! Monday, Wednesday and Friday 18.30-19.30 and Saturday 09.00- 10.00. Week days we train at the Home Guard Club and Saturdays at Xtreme Gyms.

Stratford upon Avon's only Bootcamp
Stratford upon Avon's only Bootcamp

Get Real Results

Looking to shred fat? Enjoy exercise? Join the forces? Get fit for the first time? Find something enjoyable? Whatever your goal is we WILL get you results! Furthermore, we will support you with nutrition away from bootcamp too to ensure you hit results! All our sessions and programs are completely tailored to all fitness abilities and as you progress, we will adjust your training and intensity at bootcamp.

Be the Fittest

You will be overwhelmed at how quickly you get fit and how fit you really get! Our team really know how to push you and adapt your body to whatever your goal may be! Even though you will explore the biggest variety of training than you could possibly do in a single class anywhere else, at bootcamp all of the routines, sessions and workouts always compliment each other to achieve the amazing, unique results that we achieve.

World Class Training

James and team continue to work with clients from all over the world through training and nutrition! Holding the highest qualifications in the industry you can rest assured you are receiving the best! All our instructors are at least level 4 advanced personal training and undergo extra training with Xtreme before delivering bootcamps.

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Stratford upon Avon's only Bootcamp
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