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Receive the highest quality and qualified personal training in Stratford upon Avon by James and his team. We have over 10 years of experience in training people from all around the world, online, in person and on residentials. Therefore,  you can be confident in receiving exceptional service and knowledge to get the most out of your personal training. In addition, not only will your personal training include fun, effective and creative workouts you will also be coached on nutrition and how it can fit successfully into your lifestyle. Everyone is different and unique, therefore it is really important to work with a team who have a huge range of experience and knowledge in delivering exceptional results! 

“I am so fortunate and blessed to be in the position I am in, to be able to help and work with people in Stratford and all around the world with my residentials and gyms, it has given me invaluable experience and knowledge in helping all my clients get real, successful and sustainable results. I promise every single one of my clients the most unique, successful and enjoyable fitness journey with me which will transform your relationship with food and exercise forever”

Xtreme personal training in Stratford upon Avon focuses on 3 services and packages. Xtreme Fat loss Program, Xtreme Muscle Building Program and the Xtreme Fitness Boost Program. In addition, each package is completely tailored to you as an individual and you will work very closely with James and the team.

What We Promise

Outstanding Support – We guide and support all our clients throughout the whole journey and are reachable all the time through WhatsApp and email. Thus, not only will you feel extremely supported you find we build special friendships with all our clients.

Extremely qualified and experienced – James and his team hold the highest qualifications in the industry, not only that, the experience they have obtained over the years is remarkable. Through his work, James personally trains clients online and in person. His infamous bootcamps has resulted in clients from all around the world coming to live and train with him on his residentials. This has provided him with experience in changing peoples lives, especially with food and exercise. Subsequently, this type of experience has given him the “know how” not replicated locally.

A proper approach to food – We follow no diets or fads and will not have any clients follow any either. Rather, we teach and empower all our clients about nutrition so you eventually end up creating your own nutrition plans specifically for your needs. Also, the nutrition plans we create will be completely bespoke to you and your lifestyle.

Fun, engaging and effective workouts – Through our experience, qualifications and gym facility, we are able to provide you with the most creative and enjoyable workouts. Our workouts are completely tailored to all abilities, likes/dislikes and sporting background (if you have one).  We also program all your sessions so you take control and know exactly what you are doing when training alone.   

We work with medical conditions – We have over a decade of experience in working with all types of medical conditions so rest assured you are very safe here and will not aggravate anything. You will always do a detailed consultation with James where everything is covered and go through everything you need so you feel comfortable and ready.

We are natural – We take no drugs or performance enhancing supplements (steroids) so you can rest assured all training is safe, successful and sustainable and will never advise any clients to take any type of drug on our programs,

Personal Training Programs

Xtreme Fat Shredding Program

The most effective program to shred fat effectively and properly. Importantly, there are no diets or crash diets and you will be coached on nutrition and how to create an effective nutrition plan for yourself with the guidance of your personal trainer. Everything in this program is driven by knowledge, experience and is 100% natural and as a result, there are no fads with this program and it is designed with your health in mind!

Xtreme Muscle Building Program

The perfect program to build muscle naturally and successfully. Unfortunately this is a goal that has a lot of confusion around it and dangerous to people who are willing to take huge sacrifices to their health mentally and physically without applying simple knowledge and experience. Therefore, this program is for people who are determined to take a natural and evidence based approach to building muscle healthily!

Xtreme Fitness Boost Program 

Designed to give you that extra boost and kick to your fitness based on your discipline, sport or goal. The program is focused on pushing you in every session to increase your anaerobic and aerobic threshold through a huge variety of workouts. Due to the desired effects you can expect these workouts to be challenging but very rewarding. Importantly, the workouts will be specific and tailored to your area of fitness or sport!

Fat Shredding Program

Perfect for losing weight
$ 500 £600 non members
  • 10 Personal Training Sessions
  • Detailed Consultation
  • Completely Bespoke Nutrition Plan
  • Personalised Training Programs

Muscle Building Program

Perfect for gaining muscle
£ 500 £600 for non members
  • 10 Personal Training Sessions
  • Detailed Consultation
  • Completely Bespoke Nutrition Plan
  • Personalised Training Programs

Fitness Boost Program

Perfect for increasing fitness
£ 420 £520 for non members
  • 10 Personal Training Sessions
  • Detailed Consultation
  • No Bespoke Nutrition Plans
  • Personalised Training Programs

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