8kg Double Handle Grip Medicine Ball


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Phoenix Fitness Double Handle Grip Medicine Ball | 8kg Unisex Med Ball with Anti-Slip Textured Surface | Ergonomic Dual Handle for Strengthening Core Muscles, Cardio Workouts and Resistance Training

  • TEXTURED GRIP – The Phoenix Fitness Medicine Ball has a textured surface with double grip handles to increase control and ability to handle heavier weights whilst increasing your range of exercises.
  • NO BOUNCE – Our medicine ball has a reduced bounce element to help tone your muscles and improves your core. The dual handles can help with a thrust motion to improve your explosive power.
  • CORE MUSCLES – Ideal for strengthening your core muscle and ab workouts. Designed for extra comfort leading to a more focused workout experience. Easy to incorporate resistance training.
  • FEEL THE BURN – Become ripped with the Phoenix Fitness Medicine Ball during your fitness exercise routines and training. You will feel muscles working which you never knew you had before!
  • CHALLENGE YOURSELF – You can challenge both your muscular and cardio system whilst strengthening core muscles. Use this medicine ball for planks, crunches and many more exercises.
8kg Double Handle Grip Medicine Ball
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