Are you a self-employed personal trainer?

Do you want to maintain full control of your business?

Do not want to avoid paying commission or working gym hours?

Here at Xtreme Gyms we have the perfect solution for you!

We offer the opportunity for established, passionate and professional personal trainers who love to keep control of their business to use our facilities for their personal training business for a set rental fee. You can have access to all of our amazing facilities 24/7 and train as many clients as you like for one set rental fee. No additional commissions and no requirement to work for Xtreme Gyms.

As a multi functional gym, whatever your discipline of personal training, Xtreme Gyms has the facilities to elevate your personal trainer business.  This is an unique opportunity to grow your business on your terms and having access 24 hours a day means you can can train clients at the best times for them.

As you build your business and refer clients to use the gym as members you will also make permanent savings on your rent.

What is included in your rent?

2 Payment options

£400 a month

£3000 a year

Personal Trainer - Please apply through form below

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