High Density Eva Foam Roller


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Phoenix Fitness High Density EVA Foam Roller – Trigger Point Self Massage

  • EVA FOAM – The Phoenix Fitness Foam Roller is made with EVA foam which resists moisture and withstands repetitive use during workouts.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Compact and lightweight so you can easily pack it in your gym back or store away when not in use!
  • ALLEVIATES TENSION – Relieves tension and muscle knots by rolling over the affected area in repetition. Brilliant for pre or post workout routines.
  • IDEAL FOR STRETCHING – Excellent equipment to help with stretching, floor exercises and flexibility in yoga and pilates.
  • CORE MUSCLES – Improves your core muscle strength, posture and stability. Benefits those recovering from injuries and physio.
High Density Eva Foam Roller
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