Xtreme Gyms - Re Brand to James Evans Gyms

We are excited to announce that Xtreme Gyms will be undergoing some major changes in 2024 to improve the facilities that we offer!

What can you expect to see with the Re Brand?

Not only will James Evans Gyms have a complete facelift, but it will be incorporating a relaxation and recovery suite. This will include a hot tub, sauna, plunge pool and is0-pod (floatation tank). The introduction of these spa facilities will assist members in their recovery and mental health as well as being a great place for relaxation. 

Below is a video from James outlining the changes to expect, and further information will be available in the New Year.

Will my current membership increase or change?

In short, no! Although there will be a price increase when the gym is re launched, current members and anyone who joins beforehand will remain on the same price as they signed up on on their current contract. The new price will only apply to members who sign up at or after the relaunch. The current cap on membership numbers will also be reduced to ensure all facilities can continue to be fully enjoyed. 

James Evans Gyms will remain open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. 

All your favourite equipment will still be there plus more! 

It’s an exciting time for Xtreme and James Evans and we look forward to sharing the more detailed plans in the New Year!