Activity Fitness Smart Watch Tracker with Heart Monitor


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Phoenix Fitness Activity Tracker Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor | Green Ray Optical Sensor | Fitness Tracker Exercise Watch with Step Counter, Calories Counter and Sleep Monitor | Bluetooth Sync

  • HEART RATE MONITOR – The Phoenix Fitness uses Green Ray Optical Sensor Technology for a more accurate heart monitor reading.
  • ACTIVITY TRACKER – Our fitness tracker counts your steps, calories burned and distance travelled. You can also set daily targets and turn a exercise reminder on if you are seated for too long.
  • SLEEP MONITOR – The smart band can also monitor your sleep counting your sleep time, quality of sleep and the types of sleep. It will log your analysis so you can monitor your sleep patterns.
  • BLUETOOTH / WIRELESS SYNC – Easily sync the exercise watch to your smart phone and the watch will sync wireless to your device. Download the free APP U Fit from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • SMART WATCH – Never miss a message or phone call. Time Display, Alarm Clock, Call and Message notifications including SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger etc.

Downloadable app from Google Play Store or App Store. Supports all Phones with Bluetooth 4.0 system Android 4.4 or above, Apple iOS 7.0 or above.

Waterproof in daily life tasks, such as hand washing, liquid splashes and immersion for a short period of time.  Not recommended for swimming, showers, bathing, sauna or longterm immersion in water.

Activity Fitness Smart Watch Tracker with Heart Monitor
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